Prima Linea - Cactus

Prima Linea - Cactus

During our lockdown, we at Miomojo made a pledge to usher in new, even more ethical and sustainable production practices. And with that in mind, we designed this new collection which embodies resilience, innovation, care and style of course!

This cutting edge collection is made from cactus leather! If you want to shake things up a little and be part of a “new normal”, you will love this collection, produced in a material that doesn’t harm animals or the planet! For this special launch, we partnered with Adrián and Marte, who produce the cactus leather from nopal cactus that grows in abundance throughout Mexico!

Cactus leather is organic, all-natural, cruelty-free, partially biodegradable, very soft, durable and of very high quality.

Another great collection that, just like our bags made from Apple Skin, truly embodies one of Miomojo’s company mottos: from waste to wealth, or rather, to style! 

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